Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Polka Dot Skirt

The Kate Midington Navy Polka-Dot - Society+
Nude Scoop-neck Bodysuit - Similar Here
Leather Bolo Belt - Addition Elle
Cutout Detailed Booties - Similar Here

Friday, 30 September 2016

For the Love of Layers | Part 2 - Casual Layers

Nadia Aboulhosn Oversized Denim Jacket - Addition Elle
Sweater with Cable Stitch & High Neck - Asos Curve
L&L Dark Ex-Boyfriend Jean - Addition Elle
Floral Statement Necklace with Stones - Addition Elle

Sunday, 25 September 2016

For the Love of Layers | Part 1 - Office Layers

There is a long list of reasons why I love fall. Ranging from the beautiful, rich palette to the warm materials and textures, fall signals the beginning of what I like to call Cozy Inem. Above all this, however, the ability to layer without constriction has to be one of the top reasons why I love this season. As soon as that first leaf turns yellow, I start unapologetically layering pieces in my closet to create functional, yet practical, looks to pull my wardrobe into fall. The best part about layering is that it allows you to refurbish your beloved spring and summer pieces into fall appropriate looks, all without breaking the bank. To be honest, most of my transitional looks between seasons involves layering because it affords me the flexibility to alter the look based on the ever temperamental weather conditions that come with transitional times.

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Fall Florals

One of the style ruts I sometimes fall into during the colder months of the year is staying away from patterns. As soon as it gets cold outside, my minimalist side comes to play in what I wear day-to-day. I tend to gravitate towards greys, creams and tan in fleeces and duster sweaters. This year, however, I made a promise to myself to try and get through fall and winter rocking as many prints as possible!

Monday, 19 September 2016

Inemesit Chats | The Giving Bowl

Inemesit Chats is a new part of the blog through which I will showcase the amazing and innovative endeavours carried out by those who I am lucky enough to cross paths with. It is a way to create exposure and cross dialogue between the variety of passions that we all share. I believe wholeheartedly in supporting one another and empowering ourselves to follow our passions. This mini chat series will be a theme carried through out the blog moving forward and I cannot wait to share all your unique and inspiring projects! If you want to be a part of this series and are looking for a platform to share your passion and interests, feel free to drop me a line at!

The first person to step into Inemesit Chats is Nikki from The Giving Bowl. I've known Nikki for more than 4 years now and I am so happy to see her passion for sharing her plant-based recipes flourish. Through, Nikki is providing delicious recipes from her kitchen to ours while speaking to the importance of including nutritious, healthy choices in our daily diets. Here is a little bit more about Nikki and her phenomenal new blog as well as a yummy recipe you can try yourselves!

#MyCalgary | Hello Lovely

Calgary really is a hidden gem, a city filled with talent and social innovation. I am constantly in awe of the amazing people I have the pleasure to cross paths with, such as Sarah of Modern Photography. One of my girls (thanks Samantha!) tagged me in an Instagram post on Sarah's Hello Lovely Instagram page. I was pleasantly surprised to see the mission that Hello Lovely was on and the amount of body positivity it would bring to the city. I knew I had to be a part of it and shooting with Sarah was the first step! The images turned out amazingly and meeting the creative mind behind Hello Lovely was nothing short of inspiring. 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

My Body is Strong

Nola Short Sleeve Top with Logo - Addition Elle
Nola Reversible Legging - Addition Elle
Nike FS Lite Trainer 3 - Nike

Monday, 22 August 2016

Hint Hint Mother Nature

Black Floral Print Wrap Maxi Dress - New Look Plus
Espadrille Sandals - Similar here & here

Everyone is slowly putting aside their sandals and throwing their summer dresses into storage, but I refuse to part ways with summer. I refuse to start saying goodbye to all my shorts and strappy heels because I haven't yet had my fill of summer. Living in Calgary, there is usually a 2 month break from rain and frozen sleet in which we are blessed enough to see beautiful sunshine. However, this year, that hasn't quite been the case. My summer has consisted of stupid amounts of rain, cold mornings and overcast weekends. The little break I got was a result of leaving the province all together for a sun-filled weekend in Kelowna, only to be greeted by rain on the drive back into town.

Monday, 15 August 2016

Inemesit Rants | The "Right Way" to be Plus

There is still a very real and potentially harmful issue in the plus size world.

Yes, strides have been made to bring plus size wants and needs to the forefront of the fashion industry. Yes, designers are now looking at producing lines that go beyond a size 8. Yes, plus size models are being utilized more in mainstream media. But there is still an outstanding issue that no one is talking about.

We are now living in a time where there is such a thing as the right way to be plus.

As if fighting for plus size representation isn't tiring enough, it is now imperative that we start fighting for the wide range of body types the term plus size encapsulates to be equally and fairly represented in the media as a whole. The reality is that not all plus size bodies are deemed equal. I am the last person to ever put down anybody or group of persons based on the way they look and this is not in any way what I am trying to verbalize here. What I am trying to shine a spotlight on is the fact that the range of plus size bodies that I see in fashion campaigns and in the media is very singular and not at all representative of ALL plus size bodies. Placing hour glass figures at the top of the plus size pedestal is doing the complete opposite of what body positivity strives to do. By celebrating a certain type of plus size body, all we are doing is further alienating young girls and women who are not only shunned by the lack of plus size representation as whole, but who are now also shunned because their plus size and fuller figures don't look like the few that are actually out there.

Plus size representation in the modeling realm in particular is so important. I can never stress enough how critical it is that fuller figures be shown along side straight sized figures on the walkways of Milan an on billboards in Times Square. However, the fact remains that when discussing or portraying plus size in today's world, this discussion leaves out the apple shaped ladies of the world. The ladies who, like I, carry our weight in our abdominal areas.
Women whose bodies were built without the small waists or full hips. I can not say this enough but I will continue to repeat it - having an hourglass body shape is not wrong. What is wrong is the fact that society as a whole has deemed the hour glass body shape as the face of plus size and full figured bodies, often discounting any other body that does not fit into this very specific mold.

I understand that plus size representation is new and there are still a few people out there who are taking their time to warm up to thick thighs and back rolls. However, I am not going to wait for these individuals to get it together before I outwardly express my love for my body. I'm sorry that my thick arms and stretch mark hips make you uncomfortable but that is no reason to actively exclude all the varying body types that come with being plus sized nor does it give anyone the authority to deem one type of body better than another.

Of course, my opinion of the industry as a whole excluding different fuller figure body types does come with exceptions. Brands like Torrid and Ashley Stewart listen to their clientele and provide campaigns with visibly plus women with an array of body types. These brands are quite literally a shining beacon that the industry as a whole should strive to follow. Not only are they utilizing visibly plus models, they are inviting bloggers to be a part of the campaign, showcasing a wide variety of body shapes and proving every body is beautiful and unique.
Torrid 2016 Denim Campaign
Ashley Stewart 2016 Blogger Campaign

I am overly passionate about this disparity in today's plus size world because it is not too long ago that I used to search for someone who looked like me in magazines and fashion campaigns. I am thrilled about the strides that have been taken so far, with boss Queens and OGs like Ashley Graham and Philomena Kwao being the trailblazers in representing plus size figures. My concern comes with the fact that when we look at the plus size industry as a whole, it is still hard to find models and influencers that look like me. I am lucky enough to be at a point in my life where I am strong enough to understand that this is a serious hole in the plus size world and that it in no way means that I am not good enough; however, for those young girls who are at such a critical point in their development, seeing one body type as the standard in plus size modeling and fashion is so very detrimental.
We are emanating this message of body positivity and being happy in your skin while simultaneously saying that if you aren't a certain type of plus then you are still considered sub-par.

So, this rant is dedicated to the young 13 year old who doesn't see their body reflected in mainstream media. It is dedicated to women who are still battling with having a full figured body in today's day and age. It is dedicated to individuals who feel that they don't make the cut because the term plus size seems to only be reserved for one body type. I know it is difficult to feel like your body is beautiful amidst the sea of unrealistic body ideals, but I'm here to tell you that you are perfect! No matter your body shape or size, you are beautiful and worthy. It saddens me that even after years of fighting for fair representation, there is now another battle that needs to be fought; however, I am not one to back down from a fight.

The industry will not be truly diverse in their portrayal of women (and men!) until every type of body is given a chance in the spotlight. I will continue to hold the industry to realistic standards and will not shut up until all bodies are celebrated equally and with the same amount of excitement. 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Society+ Fashion Freedom Campaign

Hello lovelies! I have exciting news to share! I have been chosen as a Society+ #FashionFreedom Ambassador along with 10 other amazing blogger babes! It is our collective goal to inspire women to break so called “fashion rules” that we have been told to adhere to our entire lives and to educate women on how to wear trends that fall outside of their comfort zones. We will be showing tummy, proudly displaying our legs, wearing bright colours, showing our arms, and wearing white in hopes of empowering women of all body types to do the same. You can visit the rest of this amazing blogger squad by going to!

Wednesday, 27 July 2016

London Times Curve Lookbook

One of the greatest joys of being a fashion blogger is the ability to find new and exciting brands to work with and, in turn, sharing them with all of you! As a plus size woman, this task is often an uphill battle; however, it is always so rewarding to find a brand that not only caters to plus size clientele, but one that truly aligns with my personal sense of style. I am more than ecstatic to share a new brand with you all - London Times Curve. London Times Curve is Maggy London's plus size brand that includes a stunning array of dresses that makes my dress-loving heart sing. As a world-renowned authority in the art of dress making, Maggy London shares my belief that the perfect dress has the ability to bring out any woman's inner confidence in a bold and sexy way. London Times Curve takes this same philosophy and produces dresses that are timeless and made for bodies like mine, empowering plus size women like myself to embrace our bodies.
As if a new brand isn't fun enough, there is a London Times Curve Sample Sale taking place from July 28th-31st! This curvy sample sale will have a variety of styles that usually retail from $78-$148 for the unreal price of $39, $49 and $59! That's up to 70% off! To top it off, new styles will be added to each day of the sample sale so you can keep going back for more! This is the perfect opportunity to re-vamp your Summer wardrobe and prepare for Fall without breaking the bank!

Monday, 25 July 2016

Celebrating My Heritage With Grass-Fields

Alia Midi Skirt - Grass-Fields
Crew Neck Long Sleeve Crop Top - Rebdolls Essentials
Khaki Suedette Ankle Strap Mid Heels - New Look
Vintage Liquid Lipstick - Anastasia Beverly Hills

I am at serious risk of sounding like a broken record player, but I love prints.

I really love prints.

I love how a bold print can liven up an entire look through strategically placed accessories or act as the base for a complete look! Patterns bring such a unique interest to every day looks, creating a focal piece to the looks. Finding the perfect pattern is like finding the holy grail. I'm not even kidding... I hear angels singing and the world becomes just a little bit brighter. I am forever on the quest to finding "the perfect pattern" and it is always a treat when I stumble on one that fits the mould.

Thursday, 7 July 2016

Sticking to the Essentials

If you have been following my blog so far, it will come as no shock to you to hear how big of a supporter I am of Rebdolls. Plus size clothing companies and retailers have come leaps and bounds since my adolescent self started shopping in the plus size world. I remember sobbing legitimate tears while shopping because I couldn't find on-trend pieces in my size. I still have the same beef with the industry as a whole, although I certainly can't complain about the vast amount of variety plus size clothing has gained in recent times. Rebdolls is a retailer that, in my opinion, actually listens to everyday plus size women, like myself, and curates collections that speak to the sexy side in us all. Rebdolls by no means adheres to any sort of fashion rules, releasing pieces with low v-necks, cut outs and short hems. Rebdolls has become my go to destination for clothing that makes me feel great about my body, producing pieces that do not hold back for fear of what society will think of plus size women in crop tops and mini skirts. I feel so strongly about the message that Rebdolls puts out into the world that I have even written a Thank You Letter to the retailer thanking them for the work that they are doing to empower women of all shapes and sizes.

Thursday, 12 May 2016