Monday, 26 January 2015

Paisley Two Ways

Swing Dress in Paisley With Contrast Collar  - Asos Curve
Look 1: Venecia Tote - Aldo Accessories | Ballet Flats - Payless Shoe Source | Thrifted Jean Jacket | Elen Turban - Aldo Accessories
Look 2: Green Clutch - gifted | Nude Pumps (old Shoedazzle) - Similar Here | Faux Fur Blazer - Addition Elle

When I first saw this amazing Asos Curve swing dress in paisley print with contrast collar, my initial inclination was to throw on a black trench and boots. However, I found that the detail in the dress deserved so much more, so I decided to style it two ways. It can be super intimidating to not only wear, but accessorize, a dress that has such a bold print. It is easy to pair it with neutrals, but I have found that adding contrasting colors really helps bring out the intricacy of the print.

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Pop Of Colour

Michel Studio Fit & Flare Dress - Addition Elle | Structured Handheld in Plum - Aldo Accessories
Shoes (Old Shoedazzle) - Similar Here Lipstick - MAC Taupe
Accessorizing is my favourite pastime. If it was an Olympic sport, I'd be the gold medal champ every single time. Accessories are the easiest way to take an outfit to the next level, allowing you to style the same base ensemble many different ways. This beautiful monochrome Michel Studio fit & flare dress from Addition Elle is the perfect base for accessories. Although simply black and white, the pattern adds a lovely level of detail. I decided to pair it with what I like to call watermelon green shoes and a dark plum structured handheld bag. Dark purple and bright green are complementary colours, with the dark richness of the plum helping to offset the bright green. I threw on a vintage gold choker and sparkly vintage earrings (courtesy of my mom's jewelry box) and called it a done deal! Because there is so much colour already in the accessories, I opted for a nude lippie to tie everything together. 

Monday, 19 January 2015

Everyday Sparkle

Long Sleeve Button-Up Blouse - Penningtons | Beaded Vest - Addition Elle
Oxford Flats (Thrifted) - Similar Here | Tote Handbag - Little Burgandy | Sunnies - Aldo Accessories

I know that I'm the biggest lover of florals, high heels and sparkly dresses, but sometimes, I enjoy taking bits and pieces of my usual preferences and working it into a more relaxed look. When I walked into my local Addition Elle store and saw this beautiful beaded vest, the first thing that came to mind was "throw it on a black dress". But I decided to change it up a little and turn a potentially dressy piece into a more comfortable, every day work ensemble. By pairing this beaded vest with minimalist pieces, such as a simple white button-up blouse and comfortable Oxford flats, I am able to give a little life to a simple outfit. Paired with no jewelry and opting instead for a statement tote, with contrast handles, and of course a pair of nude sunnies, this is a definite go to for my out and about work days.  

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Back to Black

Sleeveless Turtle Neck - ASOS Curve | Crochet Feather Cardigan - Addition Elle
Leather Skater Skirt s/o - Similar Here | Shoes (old) - 
Similar Here

An all-black outfit is my go to every time. It is so easy to put together and always comes out looking crisp, clean and classic. There are so many ways of hitting the classic all-black look, so don't be afraid to try different combinations of black. Here, I decided to change up the types of textures I used by pairing up the feathered cardigan with a matte leather skirt. A pop of colour can be added through accessories, which is where your personality can shine through!  

Monday, 12 January 2015

Winter Floral

Printed Harvest Moon Maxi - Living Doll LA Plus Grey Fit & Flare Dress (old) - Similar Here
Trouser Socks - Addition Elle
I purchased this beautiful piece last November, but due to Calgary's frozen tundra like weather, I didn't get a chance to wear it yet. So, I decided to capitalize on the 'warmer' weather this month and rock it. The amazing thing about this floral piece is that it acts as both a maxi dress, with buttons located up and down the entire front, or as an open kimono. I decided to style it as a kimono, pairing it with a grey wool fit and flare dress and high trouser socks, making it more winter appropriate. 

Friday, 9 January 2015

I Am Denouncing Success

There is this relentless need to quantify success. It is so deeply ingrained in our culture that we are blind to its obviously blatant reach. If you just graduated from an Ivy League university, obviously, and have not backpacked across an obscure third world country, fixing the lives of the lesser, in order to prep for that post grad education, then you are unsuccessful. If you are over the age of 25 and are not settled into a career, engaged to someone of the opposite sex and have just finished putting on that last coat of white paint on your picket fence out front, then boy are you doing something wrong. If you are turning thirty and don’t have that huge, expensive, could have bought you a car rock on your left ring finger as you blowout those 30 sparkling reminders of your failure, then the world casts a harsh judgmental shadow on you. You are singled out, ostracized and pitied. And all for what?

A false notion that holds about as much water as my mother’s stainless steel colander.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Happy Birthday To Me

Colour Block Shift Dress - Asos Curve Harmonie Statement Necklace - Aldo Accessories
Two Tone Pumps (old) - Similar Here
Yay! I am finally 22! Growing up a year younger than all my friends was always so frustrating because they'd be out living their 19 year old legal lives and I'd be like "Oh..that's cool...I'll be DD tonight" as I sipped on my sprite. But as I get older, I have come to appreciate being younger so much more. It gives me a year to learn from my friends and peers, allowing me to tackle my 22nd year of life with all the more clarity. Thank you everyone for the kind and heart warming wishes, and thanks mom & dad for making it all possible (both biologically and emotionally). When I blew out my birthday candles, my one wish was that I remain happy and full of laughter. I wish the same to you all as well. 

Thursday, 1 January 2015

New Year, New Journey

Seafoam Two Piece - Addition Elle | Soft Tuxedo Jacket - Pennigtons
Meet Me At Midnight Headband - Aldo Accessories | Shoes (Old Shoedazzle) - Similar Here
I can’t believe that this day is finally here! It is an out of body, metaphysically transcending, unicorns and glitter filled experience to be posting my first blog post. I want to thank all my friends and family that put up with all of my creative rants that happened to occur at 2AM, who sat by me as I shuffled through about a thousand potential names for the blog (before settling for my name…the first option that I came up with) and for braving the extreme Calgary weather (where -20 is a warm winter afternoon) to help me get the perfect shot.